Temporary exhibition on 3 floors / temporary exhibition Spheres (levels 3, 4 & 5)

>>> 19.10.2015 - 10.04.2016

The Modernika exhibition offers visitors an opportunity to (re)discover Modernist and International Style architecture. Taking as its starting-point the legendary Expo 58, with its contribution to spreading the American way of life in Belgium, the exhibition demonstrates the various ways in which the American dream manifested itself. 
It is structured around themes such as the vertical city, the huge rise in car ownership, private houses and suburban residences, prefabricated homes, social housing and the ultimate American dream.

Some of the examples illustrating these themes are the City Administrative District, the Hilton and Martini Towers, the high-rise Prévoyance Sociale headquarters, the D’Ieteren establishments, the Model District and the Ieder Zijn Huis programme, Glaverbel and the Manhattan district in Brussels, Antwerp’s BP Tower and Administrative Centre, as well as Albert Bontridder’s houses. 
The aim behind the exhibition is to showcase the wealth of architectural creations produced from Expo 58 to the 1980s. Although these works are often criticized because they are associated with the demolition of older districts and with major urban developments, they do include constructions of great merit. The influence of American architecture in Brussels is characterized by unprecedented artistic forms and research, buildings of unparalleled height and remarkable technical prowess. 
With Modernika, we aim to modify feelings towards this recent heritage, which is nevertheless imbued with optimism, a progressive ideology and enthusiasm for technical developments.






Workshop [Modernikids]
In collaboration with the Fonds pour l’Architecture.
> Concept: during a guided interactive tour thought the exhibition, the children discover how the city has been transformed after World War II. Examples of skyscrapers with suspended façades or buildings breaking heights records and facilities related to the car show them what was the Belgian dream of an American city.

Games invite them to become familiar with the forms of architecture of that time in a fun way. At the end of the visit, the children participate in a creative workshop and realize a model of skyscrapers. Using the examples seen in the exhibition, they use their imagination, cut forms out of cardboard, transform and decorate. Each child puts himself in the shoes of an architect.

> For kids between 6 and 13 years old.
For school groups only
> Languages: French or Dutch
> Dates: from 19.10.2015 until 10.04.2016 [Monday to Friday, execpt during public holidays]
> Duration: 3 hours
> Booking and info (*): kids@atomium.be
> Fee: €8 / kids & €7 / teacher [max. 25 kids per group]

Practical information



This exhibition is situated on levels 3, 4 & 5 of the Atomium (temporary exhibition Sphere).

>>> from October 19th 2015 till April 10th 2016


Opening times

Daily, from 10am till 6pm (closure ticket office at 5.30pm)


Entrance fees

The access to the temporary exhibition is part of the visit of the Atomium and as a consequence there will be no extra costs.

> see entrance fees of the Atomium


How to reach us

> different packages, as well as combined tickets (transport / entrance) offer you an easy way to reach the Atomium






Photos : press and media are kindly invited to send an email to our communications department to obtain login and password to download the high resolution photos on this page.


Catalog: download it here [0.6Mb]



> press contact : Inge Van Eycken / inge vaneycken atomium be / +32 (0)479 95 05 94

> project coordinator : Arnaud Bozzini / arnaud.bozzini@atomium.be



Modernika is the result of a collaboration between the exhibitions department of the Atomium (Arnaud Bozzini), the Fonds pour l’Architecture (Anne-Marie Pirlot et Lauréline Tissot), the scenography from Mandragore scénographie (Michel Bries) and the graphical design of SIGN* (Franck Sarfati).




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