Make the most of your stay in Brussels

Whether you’re on a romantic get-away, a family holiday or a city break with friends, let yourself be swept off your feet by this multifaceted capital. The area around the Atomium is crammed with things to see and do. Here is a list of our partners – everything you need to plan your stay.





Tourist Information offices in Brussels



The Brussels Card?


The Brussels Card, the key to discovering the city of Brussels.
It comprises:
  • free access to 31 museums of Brussels, including all highlights,
  • discounts to tourist attractions and tours,
  • discounts in museum restaurants, bars and clubs,
  • discounts in several Brussels shops,
  • free rides on Hop on Hop off buses (only with “Brussels Card + Hop on Hop off”)




  • Brussels Card 24h: €22
  • Brussels Card 48h: €30
  • Brussels Card 72h: €38
  • Brussels Card 24h + Hop on Hop off bus: €34
  • Brussels Card 48h + Hop on Hop off bus: €46
  • Brussels Card 72h + Hop on Hop off bus: €58






Tourist information & welcome in Brussels



Visit Brussels (Brussels-Capital Region Tourist Information Office)

Visit Belgium (Wallonia-Brussels Tourist Information Office)

Toerisme Vlaanderen (Tourist Information Office for the Flemish Community in Belgium)




Online diary : the official cultural diary for the Brussels-Capital region







Tourist Attractions and Museums in Belgium


An attraction for everyday of the year!

Belgium is overflowing with ideas for excursions for the whole family, there is an incredible choice, and an exceptional variety. There are almost 365 tourist attractions and museums in our 10 provinces where you can enjoy yourselves throughout the year.

There is something for every taste: children will have a great time in our amusement parks, animal reserves and zoos. And why not take a boat trip ? The more sport orientated will enjoy the numerous recreational centres and aquatic attractions. And those who enjoy cultural activities will be delighted with our museums, the curiosities of our towns of artistic interest and also our historic sites and ancient monuments

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To travel around in Brussels, why not try the STIB (metro - tram - bus)? It’s the best way to get around town and look after the environment.
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Do you want to see the capital’s most beautiful areas, from North to South and from East to West without worrying about getting lost? Nothing could be simpler than the Open-Tours tourist buses. Hop on and hop off wherever you want and explore a particular district in your own time before getting back on the bus to get to your next destination.
Discounts at the Atomium on presentation of an Open-Tours ticket.

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At the Atomium and Mini-Europe with B-Excursions from the SNCB (train).
The SNCB offers a number of great all-inclusive packages with which you can visit the Atomium and Mini-Europe: B-Excursions for individuals and B-Excursions for groups, plus an all-inclusive option for school groups.
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Set off on three family treasure hunts through Brussels. It’s a chance to learn while having fun and rediscovering the capital of Europe.Set off on a family adventure, collect clues and find the treasure. Make the most of advantages to visit numerous tourist activities.




Museums & attractions




Bruparck • 1020 BRUSSELS (Metro: line 6 / Heysel station)
T (0)2 478 05 50

Located at the foot of the Atomium, Mini-Europe is the only park where you can have a tour around Europe in just a few hours. A truly unique voyage.

Soak up the typical atmosphere of some of the most beautiful cities of Europe. The unmistakable chimes of Big Ben welcome you to the heart of London. Gondolas and mandolins accompany you on your journey through Venice. Travel with the T.G.V. from Paris to the other end of France. Experience historical events for yourself: the eruption of Vesuvius, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the corrida in Seville, and much, much more…
There are 300 models and sites in all, all of an excellent quality. You can also visit our European area, filled with interactive multimedia games.

> Discover here the price for a combined ticket Atomium & Mini-Europe.



Planète Chocolat

Lombardstreet 24 • 1000 BRUSSELS
T (0)2 511 07 55

Planète Chocolat is a Belgian artisan chocolatier located in the heart of Brussels close to the famous Manneken-Pis and the Grand-Place.
The chocolate has been made in the traditional style of yesteryear since 1991 by a team of chocolate lovers playing with their creativity to fuse the great taste of Belgian chocolate into new forms.
Planète Chocolat's ambition is to preserve the role of art in food, an art form which is ephemeral but continually being reproduced. The medium itself, chocolate, enjoys an image which is both prestigious and Belgian. We felt this should also be true of the shape. So we decided to get Belgian artists to design our chocolates, artists representing very diverse artistic trends. These little pieces of Belgian chocolate thus become ambassadors for Belgium abroad. Is the best chocolate Belgian? Probably. Is the best chocolate art? Definitely.


Museum of Natural Science

rue Vautier 29 • 1000 BRUXELLES
T (0)2 627 42 38 (24h/24) / (0)2 627 42 11

If you visit this museum, you must see its masterpieces:  the Bernissart lizards. You’ll find them in a new room which has been fully renovated and stunningly designed, where they are more resplendent than ever! The same can be said of the “men and mammoth” room, where there’s an exhibition exploring the evolution of mankind, and the world that we live in now during the last ice age.
> The mammal room presents living mammals, as well as species which are now extinct, and will tell you everything you need to know about what makes these animals so special. Then take a walk down the North and South Pole corridor, and find out all about the two ends of the earth.
> Next, it’s time for the sea mammals in the whale room. Alongside the majestic whales you’ll see dolphins, walruses, manatees, seals… A section of the room is dedicated to the place of whales in the economy, and the sacrifices that have been made in this area. In the shellfish room, there’s not only a magnificent collection of shellfish, but also a tropical aquarium and a comprehensive introduction to the least evolved species of invertebrates.
> A bit further along, there’s the North Sea room, where you can find out about the aquatic and shore life of the Belgian coast interactively.
> Around 80% of known animal species are insects. It’s no surprise then that they take up a whole room in the museum all to themselves! The insect room tells you all about the fascinating life of insects and other arthropods like spiders and crustaceans. After spending some time in here, you’ll known all about the little creatures that you’re going to come face-to-face with when you go into the vivarium: mygalomorphae, grasshoppers, centipedes and cockroaches in all shapes and sizes await you!
> The mineral room shimmers with crystals, precious stones, meteorites and priceless moonstones. Find out what makes each mineral so unique.
Want to find more about city living?
> The “hidden friends” exhibition introduces you to all the animals that live alongside you in towns and cities. A safari that the kids aren’t likely to forget!


Magritte museum

place Royale • 1000 BRUSSELS
T (0)2 508 32 11

In the Fine Arts Museum in Belgium, visitors can enjoy 2,500 m2 of the Magritte museum, located right in the heart of Brussels in the Place Royale.


Museum of Ancient Art – Royal Museums of Fine Arts

rue de la Régence 3 • 1000 BRUSSELS
T (0)2 508 32 11
The Museum of Ancient Art holds a huge collection of paintings, sculptures and sketches from the 15th to the 18th centuries. The heart of the museum is made up of works of art confiscated from the revolutionary period or donated by the French government. This collection is constantly being added to by new purchases as well as donations and bequests from numerous patrons.


The Museum for Modern Art – Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

place Royale 1-2 • 1000 BRUSSELS
T (0)2 508 32 11


This department contains masterpieces from the end of the 18th century till nowadays: paintings, sculptures and sketches. It is positioned in the logical continuation of the artistic evolution which begins in the Museum for Ancient Art.


Royal Museums of Art and History 


parc du Cinquantenaire 10 • 1000 BRUSSELS
T (0)2 741 72 11

The Museums of Art and History bring together pieces from all great civilisations apart from sub-Saharan Africa. It is divided into four main areas: national archaeology, antiquity, non-European civilisations and European decorative arts.


Musical Instruments Museum - MIM

rue Montagne de la Cour 2 • 1000 BRUXELLES
T (0)2 545 01 30

This stunning museum is based in the former Art Nouveau buildings of the Old England shops, and has one of the largest collections of musical instruments in the world. The four levels of the exhibition include nearly 1,200 instruments, both ancient and modern, in a layout combining a stunning look and excellent acoustics, incorporating technological features such as interactive reference points and sound areas.





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