be.WELCOME#2. Belgium & Immigration

Understand better so we can better understand one another. 


Temporary exhibition on two floors / temporary exhibition Sphere

>>> 01.05.2011 - 09.12.2011



The second part of this exhibition cycle, be.WELCOME#2, is devoted to the reality of migration in Belgium and will focus on the question of establishing roots and getting integrated into the host country. Through an interactive and pleasant exhibition, the witnesses and their children will share their experiences.



The second part of this exhibition cycle, be.WELCOME#2, is devoted to the reality of migration and will focus on the question of establishing roots in and becoming integrated into the host country, with in some cases the feeling of being neither here, nor back there. Through an interactive tour, characterised not by ingenuousness or pretence, but with a high degree of sensitivity, be.WELCOME#2 wants to try to give an insight in this complex matter.


How is this universal occurrence experienced in Belgium? The second part focuses on the human experience and living testimony of our witnesses and makes the questions raised by the phenomenon of migration accessible.


Centre stage is given to the children of the be.WELCOME#1 witnesses who – just like their parents – are also keen to define their own identity. How do they feel about this tension between the different elements of their identity? How do they express it? And each of them will give their own personal response. Every story is different. Again, this exhibition is not about conveying, and certainly not imposing a fact, a preconceived idea of immigration. Through an interactive exhibition, with no naivety or pretext, but rather with incredible sensitivity, be.WELCOME#2 tries to understand others so that we can better understand one another.


A DVD and catalogue are published following the exhibition.





Did you know that...

Over two thirds of Turkish households have Turkish neighbours; three quarters of North Africans have North African neighbours.

Ghettoisation of our cities?

(Survey by IRB Europe for the Centre for Equal Opportunities and opposition to racism performed in 2009 in Brussels, Antwerp and Charleroi)


Did you know that...

In the Brussels-Capital Region, the  municipalities of Saint-Gilles (42.1%)

and Ixelles (41.8%) have the highest proportion of foreign population! But these are foreigners in the strict sense, that is, persons who do not have Belgian nationality. The great majority of these (70%) are nationals of the European Union. Conversely, Schaarbeek (29.5%) and Molenbeek (25%) have relatively few foreigners...because the communities living there (Moroccan and Turkish) quickly request naturalisation!


Foreign population in Brussels



Did you know that...

While it only accounts for approximately 10% of the population, the Brussels-Capital Region harbours almost 30.3% of the foreign population of the country... without counting all those who have been naturalised for a more or less long time.

By contrast, Flanders harbours only 36.5% of the foreigners and Wallonia a little more than 33.2%.


Did you know that...

As of 1 January 2008, Antwerp had approximately 10.8% foreigners in its territory (approximately 94,500 persons). The Dutch and Moroccan communities were substantially in the lead, followed by the Turkish and Polish communities.

The city of Charleroi has 16.5% foreigners (approximately 28,600 persons)... half of whom are Italian.


Did you know that...

With the exception of some rural border areas of the Netherlands and France,

immigrants gather in the large cities or their nearby suburbs. Even if, in

absolute numbers, Flanders now receives the most, in terms of proportion,

Brussels leads substantially.


Immigration of foreigners by municipality, 2001-2007







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This exhibition is situated on two floors of the temporary exhibition Sphere.

>>> from May 1st 2011 till December 9th 2011


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