ARTVIEW01 Galila

An unforeseen contemporary art adventure from April 18th to May 25th in the Atomium

>>> 18.04.2013 - 25.05.2013



ARTVIEW01 is presented in the context of Art Brussels. This is a first edition in the Atomium. ARTVIEW01 shows the collection of the collector Galila. Sculptures, photographs, paperworks, neon and videos are brought together, to explore the various art domains of the beginning of the 21st century.

On the one hand, contemporary art is sometimes subject to prejudice, on the other hand, contemporary art may delight, amaze, make nervous but rarely lets someone indifferent.


The original ambition of ARTVIEW is to look to both the contemporary art lovers as well as to the creators. ARTVIEW is not an exhibition in the strict sense of the word. It’s about the passion of collectors, what excites them, what drives them, what surprises them and what strikes them. Special attention is given to the creation. ARTVIEW is a lively dialogue between artists and collectors and especially between collectors and anyone interested in contemporary art.


To Galila, collecting means an ‘internal fight’ and with every extra piece of art her ‘family grows’. This display gives an intimate and subjective image on an art passion. We look through the eyes of Galila to the current plastic arts and the emotions she evokes. An intuitive, spontaneous and playful art selection.




Antonio Crespo Foix  Semillero 2003
Michael Johansson Domestic Kitchen Planning 2010
Jonathan Callan Pith 2006
Monica Bengoa De la série W 2009
Nazif Topçuoglu  The Proust picture 2001
Sander Bokkinga Chaise Bok 2010
Boris Dennler Haeter Chair 2011
Frank Schreiner Consumer's rest 1983
Tal Shochat untitled 1999
Adel Abdessemed Nafissa 2006
Tanja Boukal Let's make money 2009
Kim Chunhwan Charlie Chaplin 2010
Michel de Broin Dead Star 2008
Paula Rubio Infante Hunting 2010
Jens Gussek Tell me who I am 2010
Miri Segal Love is no object 2010
Eric de Ville Green card 2008



Practical information


This exhibition is situated on level 1of the Atomium (permanent exhibition Spheres).

>>> until May 12th 2013


Opening times

Daily, from 10am till 6pm (closure ticket office at 5.30pm)


Entrance fees

The access to the temporary exhibition is part of the visit of the Atomium and as a consequence there will be no extra costs.

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How to reach us

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